Google wants to make Android 11 even more agile for developers May, 2020

Google will introduce with Android 11, a new feature. Called “App Compatibility” and integrated into the settings, it will allow developers to check the compatibility of their applications with the latest OS developments.

Each new version of Android brings its share of new features for ordinary people… but also and above all for developers, who must then deal with numerous API changes and modifications having a direct impact on the very “  behaviour  ” of the Google OS. Taking these changes into account is essential to ensure that a given application works correctly on the latest version of Android, despite its many developments.

To simplify the testing phases inherent in the annual Android changes, Google will take advantage of its I / O conference to unveil, among the other new features in Android 11, a new feature: “  App Compatibility  ”. The latter allows, as its name suggests, to test the compatibility of its application (s) on Android 11.


As XDA Developers indicates, Android application developers are invited, after learning about the new features, to update their application to add the latest APIs. The idea then is to be as soon as possible in compliance with the requirements of the Play Store in this area. Google, however, gives developers time to allow them to make changes. It is often during this niche that the test phase is topical. Three main options are then available to developers: launch tests on an emulated version of an Android device, from a cloud, or directly using a smartphone, “  locally  “.

This is where “  App Compatibility  ” will come in, which Google plans to integrate into Android 11 from the settings dedicated to developers. This functionality should make the testing phases easier and allow faster identification of possible problems caused by major new OS releases.

android 11 app compatibility changes
android 11 app compatibility changes

The main advantage of this new feature is both to provide developers with a clear interface for their tests, but also to save them from having to enter ADB commands to assess “  manually  ” the impact of each new feature of Android on their applications.


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